RIM HAMROUNI (Dramaturgy Syndicate)

About the history of the revolutionary events, the sit-ins (Casbah I and II), police oppression and counter strategies and about future expectations.

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CHERIF HRAIF  (Union of Unemployed Graduates)

About the organization, it’s tasks and ideas, it’s contribution to the revolution and networks with other organizations. About the economic situation, the international dimension of struggles and the question of liberal democracy. 

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About the connection between the Sidi Bouzid revolution and the revolution against colonialism, global dimensions of a anti-capitalist struggle, thoughts on political practices and his experiences in the UGET student’s union.

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YOUAD BEN REJEB (Association of Democratic Women)

About activities of the organization, political work before and after the revolution, networks with other feminist organizations and about the feminist struggles in Tunisia.

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MHIMDI FAYCEL (Youth of the Revolution Union)

About the organization, its aims and activities and it’s role during and after revolution.

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YASSER JERADI (Musician / Visual artist)

About revolutionary art and music, and the Kif Kif organization.

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SEIF ABIDI (Cultural Association of Citizenship)

About the organization, its aims and activities and the role of art within the revolution

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TOUNSEYA HORA & OUSSAMA MRASSI (street performance)

About their performance in front of the Interior Ministry.